Micro Blade Fuses

Micro Blade Fuses

Micro Blade Fuses

Micro2 Fuses

Micro2 fuses are the smallest blade fuse currently on the market. They feature improved opening characteristics with a reduced footprint and weight.

Micro3 Fuses

Micro3 fuses feature a dual fuse circuit in a single small package. The middle leg of the fuse is the power feed for the fuse and each of the 2 outer legs is a seperately fused output. This fuse features the same improved opening characteristics and reduced footprint and weight of the Micro2 fuse. It could also feature an added benefit if only 1 of the 2 circuits is used ie. if the fuse blows, it can be rotated and re-inserted to use the remaining good fuse element. Typically both elements of the fuse are utilized and once one of the fuse elements is blown, the fuse must be replaced.

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